You Can Make Beer With Your Beard

Beard Beer being poured into a mug.
Beard Beer being poured into a mug.

Yes, you read that right. This is one of those late night thoughts you have when you’ve been laying in bed for three hours and can’t shut your mind down. Can you make beer with the help of your beard? …Beerd?

Well, it turns out you can make beer with your man fluff. Or rather harvest the yeast growing in it that is used in the brewing process. All of this assuming you have a yeasty beard to begin with.

Rogue Ales’ did just that with their brew master John Maier, who by the way, hasn’t shaved since 1978 which is a feat in and of itself! Most yeast comes from rotting fruit or animals so given how messy my beard gets after eating, its not surprise that there could potentially be some type of fungus in there. It’s also reported that John has been involved in over 19,000 brews over the span of his career, so he is basically a walking fungus magnet.

How Did This Come About

Apparently, what was started as a joke, quickly turned into an awesome discovery. The good folks at Rogue Ales had been trying to harvest a new strain of yeast from their hop yard, but had little success.

An employee joked that Maier’s beard could be the yeast mine they were looking for and agreed to act on this.

9 follicles were removed from Maier’s beard and to everyone’s amazement they had found a wild yeast strain that was perfect for brewing beer.

Yeast grows uncontrollably in a brewery and it was only a matter of time before John came into contact with it. Once that happened, it was off to the races!

The Beard Beer

5.6% ABV

25 IBU

Full tasting reviews on BeerAdvocate.

Rogue Beard Beer is classified as an American wild ale, but I’ve seen that it is very similar to a Belgian. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the difference. I haven’t had a chance to try this beer yet, but I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out. I love Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, so I have high expectations for this one.

This is also the official beer of No-Shave November, which is an awesome organization that promotes cancer awareness, research, and education. Check them out.

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